Garden State Undergraduate Math Conference 2004

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Saturday, March 27, 2004




Mathematics in Industry


Greg Coxson


Do you like to apply mathematics to challenging

problems? A career in industry might work for you.

In this session, I will explain some of the benefits

and difficulties you would face in this line of work.

I will also talk about some ways to make your work

exciting and satisfying, offer some example problems

and answer your questions.



Speaker Bio


Greg Coxson is a radar system analyst at Lockheed

Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors (or MS2)

in Moorestown, New Jersey.  Previous jobs

were at Hughes Radar Systems in Los Angeles and

the Center for Naval Analysis in Alexandria, VA.  He

holds a Master's degree in Math and PhD in EE from the

University of Wisconsin at Madison.




Continuing your education: Graduate programs in

the Mathematics Sciences


Stephen Greenfield


Are you planning to further your education by enrolling in a graduate program

in mathematics? This session will discuss what is involved in completing a

typical Master's or Ph.D. program and the various things you can do in your

undergraduate years to help prepare for graduate school. We will also discuss

other closely related graduate programs in the mathematical sciences for which an

undergraduate math major is excellent preparation.




Samuel Coskey: Mr. Coskey is a first-year graduate student in

Mathematics at Rutgers University. He was an undergraduate at the

University of Washington, where he majored in Mathematics and Computer

Science. He participated as a student and assistant at the REU there.


Inessa Epstein: Originally from Belarus, Ms. Epstein is an

undergraduate at Rutgers University, majoring in Mathematics and

Computer Science with a minor in Economics. She participated in REU's

at Rutgers University and Central Michigan University. She is currently

applying for admission and support to mathematics graduate programs.


Devon Morrese: Mr. Morrese is a graduate student in the Operations

Research program at Rutgers, where he is completing his doctoral work

on the Boolean satisfiability problem under the supervision of

Professor Endre Boros. He majored in Mathematics and Physics at Rutgers.


Stephen Greenfield: Dr. Greenfield is a faculty member in the

Department of Mathematics at Rutgers, where he has served several

times as Graduate Director. He has read thousands of applications to

the graduate program in mathematics at Rutgers.




Teaching careers in middle and high school mathematics


Marlene Krupp and Suzanne Reynolds


This session will focus on the critical

need for highly qualified mathematics teachers,

particularly at the middle and secondary school

levels; the pros and cons of teaching in public

schools; and the disadvantages/advantages of the

alternate route program. The session will include a

question and answer period.



Suzanne L. Reynolds:  Presently - Assistant Professor

of Instruction and Educational Leadership at Kean

Univeristy. Preciously taught mathematics and

mathematics education at Felician College and prior to

that taught mathematics and physical science in public



Marlene Krupp: Presently - District Math Supervisor of

Lyndhurst Public Schools, Lyndhurst, NJ.  Taught

secondary mathematics for 31 years at Becton Regional

High School.  Has held various consulting positions

including working for the College Board,Rutgers

University and The Algebra Project, San Antonio School

District in Texas and the Seattle School District in