Department of Mathematics Syllabus
STAT 02.261 - Statistics II


STAT 02.261 - Statistics II - 3 s.h.
(Prerequisite: STAT 02.260 - Statistics I with a grade of C- or better)

This course is a continuation of Statistics I. Confidence intervals and hypothesis testis are studied in more detail, beginning with two sample inference for means and proportions. The inferences in simple linear regression and multiple regression are presented. Analysis of variance and experimental design are introduced. Other topics include chi-square tests for goodness-of-fit and independence, and the principles of nonparametric tests. Use of statistical software such as Minitab, SPSS or SAS, is also required.


The objectives of this course are to further students' knowledge of elementary statistics and its applications in decision making. Decision making in all areas of applications are discussed with an emphasis on management and business. Statistics I is a prerequisite for this course.


1. The role of statistics in decision making

2. Classical two-sample inference

3. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation

4. Multiple Regression

5. Chi-square tests of goodness-of-fit and independence

6. Analysis of Variance

7. Introduction to Non-parametric Methods


Normally, the same text is used for Statistics I and Statistics II, although Statistics II may require a supplemental text. Many statistics texts are written for a two semester sequence, but they can be weak in one topic or another.

McClave, James T. and Terry Sincich, Statistics, 10th edition. Pearson/Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., 2006.

Moore, David S., and George P. McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 5th edition. W.H. Freeman, New York. 2006. [Might require additional book.]

*Peck, Roxy, Chris Olsen, and Jay Devore, Introduction To Statistics And Data Analysis, 3/E. Thomson Brooks/Cole, (Present text)

Weiss, Neil A., Introductory Statistics, 7th edition, Pearson/Addison Wesley, Boston. 2005.