Physics & Astronomy
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Why Not Minor in Astronomy?

An Astronomy Minor is available to any student desiring a more advance study astronomy and astrophysics with the requisite quantitative skills and background. This minor is especially useful for physics majors who are thinking about graduate work in astronomy or astrophysics, or motivated students who want an in-depth survey of modern astronomy.

Requirements (21–22 semester hours)

Course Semester hours
Exploration of the Solar System (ASTR 11.200) 3
Observational Astronomy (ASTR 11.220) 4
Introduction to Astronomy & Astrophysics (ASTR 11.230) 4
Optics and Light (PHYS 00.340) 4
Choice of one of the following:
Planetary Astronomy (ASTR 11.301)
Stellar Astrophysics (ASTR 11.302)
Galactic Astronomy & Cosmology (ASTR 11.303)
Choice of one of the following:
Additional 200+ ASTR course
Additional 300+ PHYS course
Approved math/science elective