Physics & Astronomy
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Physical Science, Chemistry B.S. Program (120 s.h.)

Program Requirements

  • College Composition I [ENGL 01.111]†,COM
  • College Composition II [ENGL 01.112]†,COM
  • Philosophy of Science—WI†,HHL(or other approved)
  • Calculus I—MATH [MATH 01.130]†,MS
  • Calculus II [MATH 01.131]
  • Intro. Sci. Prog. or Comp. Sci. & Prog. [CS 01.104 or CS 04.103]†,MS
  • Geology I—LAB [GEOG 06.130]†,MS
  • Approved Astronomy, Atmospheric Science, or Geology course (3–4s.h.)*
  • Chemistry I [CHEM 06.100]
  • Chemistry II [CHEM 06.101]
  • Organic Chemistry I [CHEM 07.200]
  • Quantitative Analysis [CHEM 09.250]
  • Introductory Mechanics—RS [PHYS 00.220]
  • Introductory Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, & Optics [PHYS 00.221]
  • Introductory Electricity & Magnetism [PHYS 00.222]
  • Modern Physics [PHYS 00.300]
  • Organic Chemistry II [CHEM 07.201]
  • Physical Chemistry I [CHEM 08.400]
  • Biochemistry [CHEM 07.348]
  • Approved Chemistry Elective
  • Career Track courses—Two courses (6–8s.h.) chosen in consultation with your program advisor*

†,XXXThese courses may be used to fulfill Gen Ed required semester hours in the noted bin.

*At least one of these courses must be a 4s.h. course

General Education (38 s.h.)

  • Communications — 6 s.h.
  • Mathematics and Science — 11 s.h.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences — 6 s.h.
  • History, Humanities, and Languages — 6 s.h.
  • Non-Program Courses (outside PHSC, PHYS and CHEM) — 9 s.h.

Free Electives (12–16 s.h.)

Rowan Experience (≥6 s.h.)

  • Public Speaking—PS [CMS 06.202]
  • ACE course
  • M/G course
  • LIT course

RS, LAB, MATH, and WI courses are taken in-program as noted above

Additionally, all students must either pass the Computer Competency test or complete the non-credit Computer Literacy course.