Physics & Astronomy
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Physical Science

The Physical Science major offers students a broad-ranging background in physical science, rather than an in-depth exposure to a specific scientific discipline. All majors must choose either the Chemistry or Physics specialization. Typically, students in the Physical Science program are interested in teaching, health professional school, and science-related careers such as technical writing, marketing or sales. The program is flexible and allows for a larger number of electives than the other science majors. Students can use this flexibility to pursue a minor, a self-designed track, or even a double major such as in Education leading to New Jersery K–12 Subject Matter certification in Physical Science.

Career Opportunities
Flexibility and personal attention are the hallmarks of the Physical Science major. The program offers several career-oriented study tracks:
• New Jersey physical science teaching certificate track
• environmental sciences track
• marketing/technical representative track
• pre-medical track
• pre-law track
• technical writing track
Each of these has a common core and a separate set of recommended courses tailored to different career choices. In some cases, an officially offered minor or second major is the way to go.

Up to 20 percent of the semester hours needed for graduation are available as directed and/or free electives, offering students considerable flexibility in building a second area of proficiency. For example, a student might choose communication electives to pursue a career in technical writing; business electives to enter a marketing or technical sales career; education courses to become a certified teacher; or courses in biology and other sciences to enter a medical field.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is located in Science Hall, a new 44-million-dollar building where there are separate facilities for physics, astronomy, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology. The building includes 27 teaching laboratories, a planetarium, and rooftop observatory with state-of-the-art telescope which all serve to further enhance the teaching of science at Rowan.

Enrollment in lab sections is limited to 24 students while upper-level courses are limited to 16, ensuring personal attention. State-of-the-art instrumentation is readily available for students' use.

Educational Preparation
Students should enroll in a college prepatory curriculum in high school. It should include chemistry, physics, biology, and as much math as possible.

Physical Science students must select either the Chemistry specialization or the Physics specialization. All are required to take two years of chemistry and physics, one year of calculus, and one semester each of computer programming, astrophysics, and biology.

Degree Requirements
B.S. in Physical Science, Physics
B.S. in Physical Science, Chemistry