Physics & Astronomy

Michael Lim


Michael Lim


A.B., Harvard
Ph.D., Michigan
Postdoc, NIST Gaithersburg
Postdoc, Bryn Mawr College
Field: Experimental Atomic and Plasma Physics

My research interests include laser cooling of atoms, ultracold plasma formation, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, tests of the Englert-Greenberger duality relation, and atom trapping near superconductors. Some experiments are conducted in my own lab, while others are collaboratively performed in the labs of other physics or engineering research groups, both at Rowan and abroad.

If you think you may be interested in any of these projects, or simply have questions about majoring/minoring in physics or taking physics courses, please contact me or stop by my office.

Contact Information
Phone: 856-256-4365
Office: Science Hall 101C
Office Hours: Th-F 10-11