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Hong Y. Ling



Ph. D. Drexel University. Field: Theoretical atomic, molecular & optical physics (AMO) and condensed matter physics. My research is jointly funded by the US National Science Foundation and the US Army Research Office. The primary focus of my current research is on multi-component quantum gases containing both atomic and molecular species in which photoassociation or Feshbach resonance serves as the underlying physical mechanism for interspecies population exchange. Such atom-atom-molecule gases can exist not only as bose-bose-bose, but also as fermi-fermi-bose or as bose-fermi-fermi mixtures. This, along with the possibility that in addition to homonuclear species, molecules in the mixtures can also exist as heteronuclear species with large electric dipoles where interparticle interaction is dominated by long-range and anisotropic dipole-dipole interaction, has made the coupled atom-molecule system a fertile playground for the exploration of various intriguing quantum phenomena that may shed light on long-standing problems in many different areas of physics, including high-temperature superconductivity, nuclei, compact stars, quantum chromodynamics, etc.. Click here for my expanded research statement, and click here for a list of my publications.

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Phone: 856-256-4342
Office: SCI 101B


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