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Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson


Mr. Johnson has been the director of the Edelman Planetarium of Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey since July 2004. His main duties are to prepare and present weekly planetarium star shows to the general public; prepare and present school programs to surrounding elementary, middle, and high schools; prepare and present programs to illustrate concepts for Rowan astronomy classes; serve as local resource for astronomy and space information; answer interesting telephone calls from people who are convinced a UFO landed just over the hill.

Contact Information
Phone: 856-256-4389
Office: SCI 154D, SCI 133


Optical identifications from the NRAO 5-GHz radio survey, Astron. J., 1974, vol. 79, p. 1006-1014. A second-order approximation toward the solution of the pluvial transfer problem, J. Pocahontas Cty. Astron. Soc., 1969, pp. 12-15.

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