Physics & Astronomy

Tabbetha Dobbins

Associate Professor, Biophysics Coordinator, & Associate Chair

Tabbetha Dobbins


Recent Positions:

Louisiana Tech University. Dept. of Physics and Institute for Micromanufacturing. Ruston, LA.  Associate Professor of Physics

Grambling State University. Dept. of Physics. Grambling, LA.  Associate Professor of Physics

National Institute of Standards and Technology. Ceramics Division. Gaithersburg, MD. Post-doctoral Fellow.




The Pennsylvania State University. University Park, PA. Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

The University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering

Lincoln University. Oxford, PA. B.S. in Physics



Honors and Awards:

Recipient of the National Science Foundation Early Faculty Career Development Award (CAREER Award) in 2009.

Recipient of the Pennsylvania State University Alumni Achievement Award in 2007.



Professional Society Memberships:

Materials Research Society (MRS)

American Ceramics Society (ACerS)

American Physical Society (APS)

American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

Contact Information
Phone: (856)256-4366
Office: SCI 101D
Office Hours: T Th 11:am-noon


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