Physics & Astronomy

Solomon Duki


Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Advanced Diploma, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

MSc. Addis Ababa University

I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist and have two areas of interest in condensed matter physics. The first one focuses on theoretical many-body systems and my second area of interest is on modeling and simulation of soft matter systems.

In the theoretical condensed matter physics my main interests are the studies of Quantum many-body physics particularly in Quantum effects at low temperatures and low dimensions. Currently I am working on Kondo effect in atomic and molecular systems collaborating with my colleague prof. Ling here at Rowan university. We study Kondo effect in a mixture of two-component fermionic alkaline-earth atoms that are loaded in an external optical lattice potentials. As there has been recent progress in ultra-cold atomic physics that aim using cold atoms in optical lattices, we started looking at Kondo effect in such systems, a study that has never been explored much before.

In modeling and simulations of soft matter systems I am interested in the prediction of the glass transition temperature of polymers from small time simulations, modeling biological and synthetic cilia, modeling and simulations of self-healing materials and low temperature and high pressure phase behaviors of water.


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