Physics & Astronomy

Philip La Porta



B.A., Physics, Muhlenberg College
M.S., Physics, Lehigh University
Ph.D., Physics, Lehigh University

Dr. La Porta's research was on increasing the third-order optical non-linearities of small organic molecules while decreasing their size. In addition to research, Dr. La Porta has always been very interested in and serious about his teaching. While a graduate student at Lehigh he won the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for his efforts and continues to build on his reputation as an outstanding teacher. Most recently, as a Lecturer at Princeton University, he won the Excellence in Teaching Award for his efforts. Phil will begin at Rowan by teaching Introductory E&M and the associated labs as well as the labs for Introductory Mechanics.

Outside of Physics, Dr. La Portal leads a double life as a professional magician. His talents have found him in the employ of local businesses and non-profits, various collegiate theater productions as a consultant and teaching a class of his own design on the topic at Muhlenberg College. Recent projects include producing and performing his own shows and writing product reviews for The Linking Ring Magazine (The International Brotherhood of Magician's world wide publication.). When he's not meddling with molecules, or making them thing disappear, Dr. La Porta enjoys several otherl hobbies: cooking,local trivia nights, roller derby,  home improvement and
electronic circuitry projects are chief among them.

Contact Information
Phone: (856) 256-5493
Office: Science 101M
Office Hours: M: 9AM-11AM, W: 2PM-5PM, F: 3PM-5PM