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In Dr. Michelle Ennis Soreth's lab, we study basic behavior-environment relations in the experimental analysis of behavior. Currently, we are working with pigeons and standard operant chamber equipment to further investigate the determinants "preference for variability," which is the robust finding that organisms prefer to work in situations with variable, as opposed to fixed outcomes. We are also interested in the nature of temporal discrimination, and how it affects these preferences.

Another component of my work involves functional assessment of problem behavior as it occurs with children and adolescents, many of whom have been diagnosed with behavioral and/or emotional disorders. Working primarily in the local school districts of New Jersey, we conduct assessments to better inform the behavior support plans that we develop and carry out. My research interests in this area involve the improvement of functional assessment techniques to help inform best practice.

If you are interested in learning more this research or in being a member of the lab, please contact Dr. Michelle Ennis Soreth .

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