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The Center for Behavior Analysis offers several behavioral services to the community. Currently, we have two speciality service areas: Pediatric Feeding Problems and Parenting Assistance.

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Pediatric Feeding Services


  • Not eating enough food or a wide enough variety of foods
  • Trouble advancing texture so they may not chew their food.
  • Gagging, spitting out food, mealtime disruption, lack of self-feeding, and issues with drinking
  • Weight gain and/or growth may or may not be a problem

We approach the assessment and treatment of feeding problems from a comprehensive framework based on the potential causes of eating issues. We utilize evidence-based practices in our treatment planning.

The Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program is staffed to conduct initial screenings, and if recommended, children may receive outpatient or intensive treatment within the clinic setting. Staff within the feeding program also teach parents/caregivers effective strategies to feed and interact with their child during meal times and/or feeding sessions.

Behavioral Parent Training

Behavioral parent training is an evidence-based treatment that uses instruction, modeling and coaching to help parents learn how to manage their child’s difficult behaviors while improving the quality of the parent-child relationship. Both parents and children attend most sessions together. Treatment occurs in 1-hr sessions.

Who Might Benefit from this Approach?

Behavioral parent training has helped parents of children who have frequent temper tantrums, are not following directions well, talk back to adults and are overactive and impulsive.

In addition, behavioral parent training has helped many parents who feel overwhelmed by their child’s behavior, who want to learn more about parenting to prevent problems, have limited experience with children and/or feel their child is out of control.


MaryLouise E. Kerwin, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Director of the Center for Behavior Analysis, is the former Co-Director of the Center for Pediatric Feeding and Dysphagia at Children’s Seashore House/The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Kerwin is a nationally recognized expert in the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding problems.

Bianca Pizzo-Coleman, M.A., BCBA, has  worked children with feeding disorders for  over 6 years , at the Feeding  Program at the Hershey Medical Center under the supervision Dr. Keith Williams , and Dr. MaryLouise Kerwin  at Rowan University

Caroline Tomlinson, M.A., BCBA, has worked with children with behavior difficulties for over 5 years through out Southern New Jersey providing support to parents in home and teachers in school , and 2 years conducting research using PCIT under the supervision of Dr. MaryLousie Kerwin at Rowan University.







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