Center for Behavior Analysis

ABC Consultants, LLC @ Rowan University

"ABC" Consultants was formed three years ago by several like-minded colleagues unified by their training and experience in Applied Behavior Analysis. Following wide-scale expansion of the service delivery model and an invited affiliation with Rowan University's Center for Behavioral Research & Services, ABC Consultants is now truly a diverse Association of Behavior and Curriculum ("ABC") Consultants. With the opening of our Positive Behavior Support Clinic on the Rowan University campus, ABC Consultants furthers it's commitment to providing services for children and adolescents with special needs, the educators that support them, and their families.

Our founding Co-Directors have the combined experience of more than 30 years working in the homes, schools and communities of students with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders, children with developmental disabilities, students with chronic health problems, as well as those students in General Education who benefit from positive behavior and academic supports. Our Associates represent a group of national leaders and recognized experts in their respective fields, all unified under their training in Behavior Analysis and commitment to improving individual outcomes and effecting systems change through research-supported interventions and a broad ecological approach to therapeutic and educational services.

Each consultant brings their own area of expertise to the group to better serve their clients. "Best Practices" within the fields of Applied Behavior Analysis, Special and General Education, Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics, School and Counseling Psychology, Clinical Social Work, and Positive Behavior Support provide focus for individualized intervention and treatment suited to each student, classroom, and family. Establishing systems within schools to provide effective behavioral and academic support is accomplished through coordination of services across disciplines, team problem-solving, and transfer of training. These activities permit districts to build capacity in order to sustain practices on a systemic level. Our dedication to supporting the diverse needs of schools and communities is framed by our commitment to social justice and ethical responsibility.

Rowan University's Center for Behavior Analysis promotes the science of applied behavior analysis through education, research, and service at a local, regional, and national level. The partnership with ABC Consultants provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to clinic-based treatment and consultative outreach.