Bunce Hall
Dr. Bethany Raiff

Dr. Bethany Raiff

Assistant Professor



B.A. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.S., Ph.D. University of Florida

Specialty Areas: Behavioral Pharmacology; Behavior Analysis; Contingency Management; Delay Discounting; Behavioral Economics; Smoking Cessation; Diabetes Management; Technology-based Interventions; Mobile devices; Videogame-based Interventions

Courses taught:

Undergraduate Students: Learning & Behavior; Applied Behavior Analysis

Graduate Students: Basic Principles of Behavior; Research Methods in Behavior Analysis; Behavioral Pharmacology; Advanced Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Contact Information
Email: raiff@rowan.edu
Phone: 856-256-4500 x3782


Office: Robinson 115D
Office Hours: By Appointment


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