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Research participation requirement
for students taking Essentials of Psychology

This document explains how to fulfill the Essentials of Psychology research requirement.

Exposure to research is designed to be an interesting experience that is an integral part of your introduction to Psychology. As part of your course, you are required to earn a minimum of 120 minutes of research credit. The deadline for fulfilling this requirement is different for each semester, please refer to the paperwork you have received or contact your professor.

Any student failing to fulfill this requirement by the deadline will receive the grade of INCOMPLETE for the course. In the event of an INCOMPLETE, you must fulfill your requirement by the end of the next semester. If you fail to do that, your incomplete will turn into a grade of F.

In order to fulfill this requirement, you will be asked to volunteer to serve as a participant in various faculty sponsored research projects.

That is, throughout the semester faculty and their student assistants will be collecting data for their own research. In order to volunteer for these research projects, you should enter the required information using the Sona Systems website.

  • Projects will vary on length of time and credit, but typically occur in 15 minute increments.
  • You may not complete the same project more than once.
  • Data collection comes in waves, so check the website periodically throughout the semester for different projects that might be available.

Research article option:
Each year there are a several students who, for a variety of reasons (e.g., time constraints, objection to research, etc), opt for an alternative to volunteering for research projects. Thus, in accord with APA ethics code we will offer the opportunity to complete the research requirement via a written assignment. This assignment entails reading assigned empirical journal article(s) and satisfactorily completing questions associated with each article.

Students wishing to take part in this alternative assignment must contact the subject pool coordinator (Dr. Mary Louise Kerwin) to receive the assigned articles and detailed instructions for completing the assignment. The satisfactory completion of the questions associated with one article will result in the fulfillment of 60 minutes of credit. Thus, you will need to complete two articles in order to meet the 120 minute requirement. There is a deadline for completing the alternative asignment and you should refer to your paperwork or contact your professor for this information.

Note: Any questions about the research requirement may be e-mailed to the subject pool coordinator, Dr. Mary Louise Kerwin in the Psychology Department (kerwin@rowan.edu).