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College of Science & Mathematics

STEM Symposium

Date: Call for Abstracts


Join us for the 2013 STEM Symposium held at the Student Center Ballroom on April 26, 2013


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION IS NOW OPEN!  The submission deadline for the Spring 2013 STEM Symposium is March 31, 2013. All abstracts must be submitted via our ONLINE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SYSTEM. Please note that abstracts submitted by mail, disk, or email will NOT be accepted. To be accepted, an abstract must be submitted by the student author(s) and approved by its faculty sponsor(s) by the submission deadline.

Click here for more info about the submission process.

Click here to download a PDF that describes how to use the Online Abstract Submission System.

Last year's Symposium was a very successful event, particularly because the participating students represented the diversity of Rowan University's academic departments and programs.

All of the work presented at the Symposium should have significant involvement by Rowan University students and should in fact be presented by Rowan students. Thus, the Symposium serves as an excellent opportunity for students conducting scholarly activity to learn how to communicate their work to others inside and outside of their field. In addition, underclassmen attending the STEM Symposium will learn about the wide array of research opportunities available to them here at Rowan University. This is especially important as employers and graduate/professional school admissions committees continue to place a greater emphasis on research experience outside of the traditional curriculum. Finally, the Symposium facilitates additional communication between faculty who may be in different departments but have related research interests.

Contact: Greg Hecht