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College of Science & Mathematics

Dr. Carl Decicco visits Rowan, discusses innovation in drug discovery

Date: January 29, 2010


Dr. Carl Decicco, senior vice president, Discovery Chemistry, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), was the inaugural speaker for the Rowan University College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series on Friday, January 29.  His lecture, "Innovation in Drug Discovery," highlighted innovation in the discovery of new drugs for the treatment of human disease.  Decicco leads an organization that is responsible for the conceptualization, chemical synthesis and optimization of compounds to derive clinical candidates for human testing. He has oversight of chemistry programs in multiple therapeutic areas of interest to BMS as well as strategic responsibilities as a member of the Research and Development Executive committee.

The event was well-attended by students, faculty and administration and was a highly successful kick-off of the college's lecture series.  Future event details can be found on the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences website.