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College of Science & Mathematics

Computer Science students for their contribution to MSE's real-world projects

Date: February 1, 2011


Computer Science students were recognized by Mission Solutions Engineering (MSE) with certificates for their contribution to MSE's real-world projects.

Teams began with a half-page vague description that they turned into working useful software products. They developed three software products: Data-Driven Decisions Aid Tool, Visualization of Intercept Possibilities and Data Source Correlation. The software takes data and turns it into visualizations such as graphs and images. The graphics aid users in making decisions.   

The students worked with peers from the Software Engineering Department at Fairfield University. The classroom environment and student activities were based on instructors' peer-reviewed publications.

"Working with MSE allows students to interact with experts in the field," says computer Dr. Adrian Rusu, associate professor of computer science. "They also experience taking a software product from scratch to final implementation."