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College of Science & Mathematics

CSM Introduces Partners in Industry Series


From the left to right: Dr. Catherine Yang, Chair and Dr. Greg Caputo, Associate Professor, of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Dr. Nozer Mehta and
Dr. Eddie Guerra, Assistant Dean for School of Biomedical Sciences

The College of Science and Mathematics announces a new series that will introduce various opportunities for our students to connect to industry partners in relevant fields. The CSM Partners in Industry Series will invite special guest speakers, offer workshops and explore field trips to companies specializing in areas that are of interest to our students. "Our goal for the series is to introduce students and faculty to new research and other advancements that are taking place in the industry," said Parviz Ansari, Dean. "It's also meant to help students strategize and plan their careers after graduation." The series is a collaborative effort between CSM academic departments and the Dean's Office.

CSM welcomed Dr. Nozer Mehta, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at Unigene Laboratories, Inc., as the inaugural speaker on November 16, 2012. A well-recognized leader with 30 years of experience in the development of peptide-based therapeutics and inventor of 21 patents, Mehta presented, "A Unique Tablet Formulation for Peptide-Based Drugs" which gave students a glimpse into the science and manufacturing processes that go into drug development and drug delivery processes. Mehta touched on a variety of aspects relevant to the pharmaceutical industry ranging from basic science underlying drug target development, mass production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the FDA approval process, and the economics of drug development and sales. These insights, shaped by decades of his industrial experience, allowed our students to see the complexity of factors that play into a new drug coming to market. Additionally, the specific drugs Dr. Mehta talked about were molecules that often face a number of practical challenges on the road to becoming an approved drug product. By describing how UniGene has approached these challenges, students came away with an appreciation for the out-of-the-box thinking often required to truly make advances in not only the pharmaceutical industry, but science in general.

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