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College of Science & Mathematics

Inaugural Signature Event

Biological Sciences alum Stephen Sharp ('72) and his wife Nancy (80) with Dean Ansari

To celebrate the end of a significant and successful first year, the college held its premiere signature event at Auletto Caterers in Deptford. The wine tasting social welcomed alumni, friends, and industry partners to enjoy conversations with fellow guests, meet representatives from the college, and sample an array of wines from around the world.

The special event provided an intimate setting for guests to learn about the College's transformative first year, and the direction it is headed in the future. During the welcome remarks, the dean acknowledged special guests, including Dr. Richard Meagher, who initiated the pre-med program in the college.

Alumni guests Stephen Sharp (Biological Sciences, '72) and his wife, Nancy ('80) remarked, "We enjoyed a long conversation with Dr. Ansari about the courses in the science and math departments, and how they'll potentially relate to the global community."

Another attendee, Brian Stein (Mathematics, '78) commented, "As a math major, I was glad to meet the current head of the Mathematics department, Dr. Dexter Whittinghill and the Dean. It was fun for me to relate where my mathematics education had taken me, and to hear how far things had progressed since my time as a student at what was then Glassboro State College. It was also very gratifying to hear some of my former professrs were still teaching."

As part of the Partners in Industry initiative, the dean invited Stein, a systems engineer at Lockheed Marting Corporation, to visit the campus to speak to students about his real world experiences in industry, and how his mathematics education has served him there.

"This was an excellent opportunity to meet the college alumni and friends, talk about the University, and introduce many exciting new initiatives and changes within the college," said Dean Ansari. The college is enthusiastic to host this event annually after noting it success in its inaugural year.

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