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College of Science & Mathematics

Welcome to the Rowan Family

President Houshmand, CSM Dean Parvis Ansari, and VP of Student Life Richard Jones gather with the International Students at a Celabratory Event

This fall, Rowan University extended the reaches of its family to South America. Thanks to Rowan University’s recent partnership with the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP), 17 Brazilian students of the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors, will receive the chance to experience American culture first hand, while making use of the University’s exceptional educational resources.

In coordination between CAPES and CNPq, organizations within the ministry of Education in Brazil devoted to both the expansion of higher education and Science and Technological advancement, with the cooperation of the Institute of International Education (IIE), the Brazilian government was able to award 100,000 full scholarships to the best Brazilian college students towards their explorations across the globe.

CSM Dean Ansari and Director Timothy Torre engage students in cultural differences and similarities

“This is an important program to be a part of because it allows students to view the world through a different cultural lens,” says Timothy Torre, director of the Rowan International Program, “this experience will set these students apart in an up and coming globalized workforce.” The BSMP has existed for several years, and is an application-based program. Rowan applied last fall, and one year later, has the 17 students housed and scheduled for an academic year and a half.

“We cannot wait to go to class,” chuckle Luis and Thiago, both in the second year of their four year chemistry program, “and the labs here look amazing. We can’t wait to finally be able to use them.” Luis and Thiago both heard of the government sponsored program and applied immediately. When asked why they chose Rowan out of all other institutions in the country, they responded: “we came to Rowan because we have some friends here in New Jersey,” they explained, “who said that Rowan was one of the few schools involved in the program that had a fantastic chemistry program.”

(from left to right) Amaury, a French exchange student and Thiago and Luis, from Brazil

The fall semester for these students will consist of intensive English classes, or “pre-academic classes,” due to the small language barrier between the students and the rest of the campus. “The students have been taking English classes and tested well on a literacy exam,” assures Torre, “but we want to make sure they are fully versed in the language so that they can excel in their research.” Beginning the spring semester, the students will begin their STEM studies, and will have a summer break where they can stay in the states for academic training and internships. During the summer the students will be staying on a “JVISA,” which allows for extended academic study.

“Here in America, school is very different,” says Thiago, “in Brazil, we just go to school and come home. Here you have a campus and fun things to do, and sports!” Besides their studies, the students hope to be able to attend the sporting events held at Rowan, and get the chance to participate in friendly pick-up games and intramurals.

Through this experience, the BSMP hopes to achieve its mission statement goals of promoting scientific research, increasing international cooperation within the scientific and technological scope, investing and funding for education resources allocated both within Brazil and outside of the country, and initiating and engaging students in a global dialogue.

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