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College of Science & Mathematics

College Focuses on Internationalization


Dean Ansari and Professor Greg Caputo guide Dr. V Raghunathan on a tour through Science Hall. After meeting in India, Dr. Raghunathan, CEO of GMR Varalaxmi Foundation, accepted the Dean's invitation to tour Rowan's science facilities and meet with faculty

Recognized by most US colleges and universities, international education can be, and should be, an integral part of higher education. It's a major initiative that involves many changes but has a long-term impact. CSM acknowledges this and has strengthened its focus to increase the college's international presence and impact of its programs and research.

"We would like to bring in more graduate and undergraduate international students, send more students to study abroad and expand research collaborations with international partners," said Parviz Ansari, CSM Dean. In efforts to achieve this objective, the college developed a plan for international education to promote collaborations between the newly created college-based International Education Team, academic departments, the International Center, and the Dean's Office.

To advance the CSM International Plan, the Dean, accompanied by Tim Torre, Director of Rowan's International Center, traveled to India on two separate occasions in 2012, visiting a number of universities and global companies. These trips resulted in the signing of several initial agreements and the planning of concrete collaborations. "As a follow-up, we have hosted a number of senior Indian administrators and I visited several institutions in India last October," said Ansari. Ansari has met with the CSM International Education Team to discuss the outcomes of his visits and to plan the next steps, which include review of international partners' curriculum, planning student visits and research collaborations.

"One of our goals is to create a nourishing environment in which we promote and enhance the international education for our students and those we host from abroad. We also aim to provide an opportunity for increased faculty research and scholarly collaboration conducted both on and off campus," said Ansari. "I believe we now have a good road map for international education in the College of Science and Mathematics."

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