Hollybush Institute

About Hollybush Institute

The Hollybush Institute aims to promote scholarly research and education on the intersections of science, technology, social science and humanities. A multidisciplinary, University-wide center, the Institute sponsors a variety of programs and activities that advance our understanding of the role of science and technology in society.

The concept of the Hollybush Institute traces back to the historic 1967 Glassboro summit between President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin – making Rowan University the only university campus ever to have hosted a superpower summit. When Johnson and Kosygin met at the Hollybush Mansion in June 1967, they initiated a dialogue that led to a period of détente between the two superpowers, generating what President Johnson called the “Spirit of Glassboro.” Visiting Glassboro twenty years later, at the height of glasnost’ and perestroika in the Soviet Union, President Ronald Reagan cited the Spirit of Glassboro as an inspiration for his personal relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev. These events established Rowan University as a living monument to cooperative global dialogue.

The Hollybush Institute promotes the spirit of dialogue from the 1967 Glassboro Summit by:

  • Fostering the idea of science as a major instrument of global cooperation
  • Promoting research on science and technology as an element of political, social and cultural change;
  • Serving as a forum on innovative teaching and curriculum development on the role of science and technology in society;
  • Creating a home for educational and research collaborations across disciplines; and
  • Supporting the development of South Jersey and the Delaware Valley region.

A number of ongoing activities are designed to bring faculty and students together as well as build their scholarly and educational connections beyond Rowan. Permanent research communities promote sustained dialogue among faculty and students, serving as the interdisciplinary infrastructure on campus. Conferences and workshops build scholarly and educational connections that support the engagement of faculty and students in collaborative research. Through its speaker series and visiting scholars program, the Institute also draws on participants from outside the Rowan community.