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College of Science & Mathematics

CLAS' First Postdoctoral Fellow, Blake Laing

Dr. Blake Laing has joined the Physics & Astronomy department with a postdoctoral fellowship. He is a theoretical atomic physicist with a particular interest in ultracold atoms and molecules. While earning his B.S. from Southern Adventist University and his Ph.D. and M.S. in Physics at University of Oklahoma, Dr. Laing realized he wanted to continue with research but also work with students. He believes Rowan is an excellent place to accomplish this. He is impressed by the research opportunities and facilities available to students in an institution that values faculty teaching.


Dr. Hong Ling, Physics, was awarded the postdoctoral support by Army Research Office to expand his research on ultracold quantum gasses containing a mixture of both atoms and molecules. Physicists have accomplished cooling atoms to ultracold temperatures, but cooling molecules raises challenges. One aspect of Hong's research is forming ultracold molecules by joining ultracold atoms together. The ability to produce ultracold molecules has applications in quantum computing and precision measurements. The primary part of Dr. Laing's fellowship is working with Dr. Ling to continue this groundbreaking research.


"What is unique about a postdoctoral fellowship at Rowan as opposed to a research institution is that I can tailor my research plans to develop the abilities and advance career goals of undergraduate students at Rowan," said Dr. Laing. Dr. Laing's career goal is to become a professor. He believes this fellowship will allow him to learn from students' research, while developing his own research plan that can benefit students at a similar institution when he applies for a professorship.

Dr. Blake Laing
Dr. Blake Laing