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College of Science & Mathematics

Robots come to Rowan

Rowan's FIRST LEGO League Qualifier is this Saturday, December 1, 2012, at the Chamberlain Student Center.

The final competition is open to the public starting at 2:15 pm. Over 100 middle school students will be split into 12 teams  to show off robots they've designed out of LEGOs and programmed themselves in an exciting and fast-paced competition.

In its 6th year, FIRST LEGO League's theme is Senior Solution where teams team with a senior citizen to learn and identify an issue they are faced with then create an innovative solution to the problem.  This will then be shared with others.  The event includes student presentations and a robot competition in which teams will be judge by design, research and core valus.

This event is co-chaired by Dr. Jennifer Kay, Computer Science Department.


Come see what all the excitement is about!

For more information, visit:

Students particiant at the 2011 LEGO Qualifier
Students particiant at the 2011 LEGO Qualifier