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College of Science & Mathematics

Allergy Vaccines at CSM

Dr. Cathy Yang, Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Rowan University, is a highly accomplished researcher in the area of anti-cancer drug discovery, and is widely recognized for her distinguished research. Among many projects, she had been also working on the development of new allergy vaccines. Her collaborator on vaccine developments is Dr. Robert Coifman, and allergy clinician who runs two clinical sites in South Jersey, and the South Jersey Allery and Asthma Education Foundation. They have been collaborating since 2009 on development of a poison ivy vaccine, and Dr. Coifman and his wife Wilma have generously sponsored the research since 2010. This collaboration had been applied to clinical trials and it is resulted in a provisional patent and a pending US patent. The successful clinical results from the poison ivy vaccine, prompted the development of a peanut allergy vaccine witha  similar immunilogical approach.