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College of Education - Advising Center

College of Education Advising Center

Sue Fullmer, Advising Center Secretary
(856) 256-4727

Denise Ward, Advising Center Secretary
(856) 256-4420

Nicholas Schmelz, Coordinator of Advisement
(856) 256-4774




Contact Information Program
Aimee Burgin, M.A. (856) 256-4787
Advises for Elementary Education with Liberal Studies. Students will receive advising for Liberal Studies as well as Elementary Education. Math/Science students will receive advising for Elementary Education as well as Math/Science.
Alexandria Daniels, M.A. (856) 256-5183
Contact advisor for all incoming transfer students both internal and external.
Heather Dolbow, M.A. (856) 256-4761

Advises for Undergraduate TOSD Endorsement and Reading Endorsement. Assists with contact for transfer students.

Jeanine Dowd, M.A. (856) 256-4224
Advises for Health Promotion and Fitness Management
Laurie Dwyer, M.S.

(856) 256-5835

Advises for the B.S. in Athletic Training and Health Promotion and Fitness Management.
April Ellerbe, M.A. (856) 256-4737

Advises Elementary Education except dual majors in Literacy Studies and Liberal Studies.

Gina Gondos, M.Ed. 856-256-4792

Advises for College of Graduate and Continuing Education (CGCE) programs: M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership, Special Education COGS, Teaching and Learning COGS, Educational Technology COGS, M.A. in Wellness and Lifestyle Management, Post-Baccalaureate: School Nursing Certification Program, Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Graduate Endorsement: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, M.A. in Special Education

Alicia Groatman, M.A. (856) 256-4735

Advises for Literacy Studies Elementary Education, M.A. in Reading, M.A. in STEM and M.S. in Teaching.

Alexandra Gryta, M.S. (856) 256-5837
Advises for Early Childhood Education.
Cristine Mason, M.A.

(856) 256-5836

Advises for Subject Matter Teaching in Art, Music, Mathematics, Spanish, and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Sciences – Chemistry, Physics).

Sheri K. Rodriguez, M.A. (856) 256-4759

Advises for Subject Matter Teaching in English, History (Social Studies) for both the College of Education and College of Humanities & Social Sciences programs. Students will receive advising toward degree completion for English or History as well as the B.A. in Education.

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