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College of Education - Advising Center

College of Education Advising Center

Sue Fullmer, Advising Center Secretary
(856) 256-4727

Denise Ward, Advising Center Secretary
(856) 256-4420

Sheri Rodriguez, Ed.D. Associate Director
(856) 256-4759




Contact Information Program
Aimee Burgin, M.A. (856) 256-4787
Advises for Elementary Education with Liberal Studies. Students will receive advising for Liberal Studies as well as Elementary Education. Math/Science students will receive advising for Elementary Education as well as Math/Science.
Alexandria Funkhouser, M.A. (856) 256-5183
Contact Advisor for all incoming transfer students, external prospective students, education minors, and current Rowan non-education majors considering an Education Major.
Heather Dolbow, M.A. (856) 256-4761

Advises for Undergraduate TOSD Endorsement, Reading Endorsement, Literacy Studies Elementary Education, and Early Childhood Education. Assists with contact for transfer students.

Jeanine Dowd, M.A. (856) 256-4224
Advises for Health Promotion and Fitness Management
Laurie Dwyer, M.S.

(856) 256-5835

Advises for the B.S. in Athletic Training and Health Promotion and Fitness Management.
April Ellerbe, M.A. (856) 256-4737

Advises Elementary Education except dual majors in Literacy Studies and Liberal Studies.

Gina Gondos, M.Ed. 856-256-4792

Advises for College of Graduate and Continuing Education (CGCE) programs: M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership, Special Education COGS, Teaching and Learning COGS, Educational Technology COGS, M.A. in Wellness and Lifestyle Management, Post-Baccalaureate: School Nursing Certification Program, Post-Baccalaureate Endorsement: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Graduate Endorsement: Teacher of Students with Disabilities, M.A. in Special Education

Alicia Groatman, M.A. (856) 256-4735

Advises for M.A. in Reading, M.A. in STEM, M.S. in Teaching in Subject Matter Education, M.S. in Teaching in Elementary Education, and M.S. in Teaching in Theatre Education

Cristine Mason, M.A.

(856) 256-5836

Advises for Subject Matter Teaching in Art, Music, Mathematics, and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Sciences – Chemistry, Physics).

Nadia Rahin, M.A. (856) 256-4664
Advises for Subject Matter Teaching in English, Foreign Language, and History.

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