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College of Education - Rowan Teacher Certification

Obtaining New Jersey Teacher Certification

College of Education Program Offerings

Please click here to see a listing of programs offered by the College of Education

Current High School Student

For Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, or Health and Physical Education apply directly to the program of your choice. For Subject Matter (K-12) Education, apply to the major you would like to teach, then apply for subject matter education as your dual major. For more information, contact the Office of Admissions.

Transfer or Rowan Student

If you are a Rowan student in another major, visit the CAP Center to find out more information about the 'change of major' form.

If you are currently enrolled at another institution, you must apply to Rowan through the Office of Admissions to the program of your choice. Once enrolled, you will follow the guidelines under current Rowan student. You may wish to view information about evaluation and transfer through the Office of the Registrar.

Bachelor's degree in non-education field

Post-baccalaureate certification programs are available in Special Education. Candidates must supply qualifying scores on the Praxis I:PPST. All courses are offered at the undergraduate level.

The Master of Science in Teaching Program leads to certification plus a master's degree. Students interested in this program must apply and provide appropriate Praxis scores. This program is a full time program available for Elementary and Subject Matter certification.