Center for Access, Success, and Equity (CASE)

Welcome to CASE

The CASE Center was created to address three overarching topics in education today: access, success, and equity for students in P-20 institutions. The overall goal is to “turn research into practice” and have a direct impact on the educational outcomes of students by completing extensive research, offering professional services, and engaging in policy creation and reform. We view all three of these actions as overlapping and intertwined with one another, with one component complementing, or leading into, the next. It is our hope to develop a three-prong system that incorporates all of these highly important educational factors into our daily operations.

Through grants, faculty-led research teams, and the Ph.D program, the center engages in knowledge production and dissemination of new understandings connected to access, success, and equity in education.

Professional Services
CASE integrates research and evaluation into all of its professional services thereby creating a customized approach to meet organizations' specific needs.

Policy Engagement
Through engagement in research and professional services, CASE will help shape educational policies at the local, state, and national level.