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College of Education - Early Childhood Demonstration Center

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Early Childhood Demonstration Center at Rowan University. The upcoming academic year is certain to be filled with many exciting events and activities for you and your child. We are all delighted that you have chosen to enroll your child in our preschool program.

Our curriculum is designed to be appropriate for the developmental stages of each child, and is implemented with careful attention to a child’s individual needs, interests, and background.

We place great emphasis on play and active engagement through carefully planned learning centers, free choice activities and intentional teaching.

We also place great value on the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of our families and we hope that you will plan to visit the school often and participate in our school wide events and celebrations.

Our goal is to partner with you as your child grows and develops and to provide the best possible environment for your child to learn and explore in order for your child to develop a life long love of learning.