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College of Education - Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Advising Center
Aimee Burgin, M.A., Advisor856-256-4787Herman D. James Hall
Heather Dolbow, M.A., Advisor856-256-4761Herman D. James Hall
Jeanine Dowd, M.A., Advisor856-256-4224Herman D. James Hall
Laurie Dwyer, M.S., Advisor856-256-5835Herman D. James Hall 2076
April Ellerbe, M.A., Advisor856-256-4737Herman D. James Hall
Alexandria Funkhouser, M.A., Advisor856-256-5183Herman D. James Hall
Gina Gondos, M.Ed., Advisor856-256-4792Herman D. James Hall
Alicia Groatman, M.A., Advisor856-256-4735Herman D. James Hall
Joanie Lodge, Advising Center Secretary856-256-4420Herman D. James Hall
Cristine Mason, M.A., Advisor856-256-5836Herman D. James Hall
Rory McElwee, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Student Retention856-256-5187University Advising Center, Savitz Hall
Nadia Rahin, M.A., Advisor856-256-4664Herman D. James Hall
Arielle Rocco, M.A., Advisor856-256-5837Herman D. James Hall
Sheri K. Rodriguez, Ed.D, Associate Director856-256-4759Herman D. James Hall
Denise Ward, Advising Center Secretary856-256-4420Herman D. James Hall
Dean's Office - College of Education (
Heather Cappuccio, Administrative Assistant856-256-4749Herman D. James Hall
Karen Rosa, Secretary to the Associate Dean856-256-4750Herman D. James Hall
Rihab Saadeddine, Ed.D., Assistant Dean for Assessment and Technology856-256-4753Herman D. James Hall
Maureen Scott, Communications and Alumni Relations Coordinator856-256-4752Herman D. James Hall
Beth A. Wassell, Ed.D., Interim Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education856-256-4754Herman D. James Hall
Monika Williams Shealey, Ph.D., Dean856-256-4751Herman D. James Hall
Educational Services and Leadership
Carmelo Callueng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500
James Coaxum III, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4779 Herman D. James Hall
Miguel Greenup, Program Coordinator/Advisor856-256-4500 x3637Herman D. James Hall
Elizabeth C. Henderson, Secretary856-256-4744Herman D. James
Kara Ieva, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4305Herman D. James Hall
Ane Turner Johnson, Ph.D., CASE PhD Program Director856-256-4500 x3818Herman D. James Hall
Monica Reid Kerrigan, Ed.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3658Herman D. James Hall
Sheila Manion, Secretary856-256-4755Herman D. James Hall
JoAnn B. Manning, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3653 Herman D. James Hall
Hajime Mitani, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3803James Hall Room
Mark Raivetz, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4705Herman D. James Hall
Hector M. Rios, Ph.D., Associate Professor 856-256-4711Herman D. James Hall
Cecile H. Sam, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3827James Hall Room
Carol A. Sharp, Ph.D., Professor856-256-4702Herman D. James Hall
Burton Sisco, Ed.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3717Herman D. James Hall
Anna Sun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3817Herman D. James Hall
Carol C. Thompson, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3030Herman D. James Hall
Connie Venuto, Instructor856-256-4755Herman D. James
MaryBeth Walpole, Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson856-256-4706Herman D. James Hall
Barbara Williams, Ph.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3804Herman D. James Hall
Zalphia Wilson-Hill, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3732Herman D. James Hall
Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education
Amy Accardo, Ed.D., Instructor856-256-4708Herman D. James Hall
Laura E. Beider, Psy.D., Interim Director of Assessment and Learning Center856-256-4512Herman D. James Hall Assessment Center Room
Corine Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3047Herman D. James Hall
Mary Cormier, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3733Herman D. James Hall
Gary Dentino, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3918Herman D. James Hall
Diane Doorman, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3798Herman D. James Hall
Nicole Edwards, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3797Herman D. James Hall
Brent Elder,Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3852James Hall Room
Joanna Feflie, Secretary856-256-4745Herman D. James Hall
Sarah Ferguson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 856-256-4500 x3854James Hall
Sherry Graham, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3852Herman D. James Hall
Zeynep Isik-Ercan, Ph.D, Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3806Herman D. James Hall
Benita Kluttz-Drye, Ph.D., Instructor856-256-4738James Hall Room
S. Jay Kuder, Ed.D., Professor856-256-5659Herman D. James Hall
Jiyeon Lee, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3684Herman D. James Hall
Robin Haskell McBee, Ph.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3093Herman D. James Hall
Hae Min Yu, Ed.D., Assistant Professor 856-256-4500 x3796Herman D. James Hall
Brianne Morettini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3813Herman D. James Hall
Amber O'Cone, M.A., Instructor 856-256-4738Herman D. James Hall
Nanci Paparo, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3793Herman D. James Hall
Joseph J. Pizzillo, Jr., Ph.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3855Herman D. James Hall 3036
Eshe Price, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3811James Hall
John Quinesso, M.A.T., Instructor856-256-4500 x3814Herman D. James Hall
Maryl Randel, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3856Herman D. James Hall
Jennifer Rich, Ed.D., Assistant Professor 856-256-4500 x3810Herman D. James Hall
Yvonne Rodriguez, Ed.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3807Herman D. James Hall
Kathleen Seeley, Instructor856-256-4500 x3021Herman D. James Hall
Mary E. Sheppard, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3824Herman D. James Hall
Margaret Shuff, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3883Herman D. James Hall
Betty-Jo Sorbello, Secretary856-256-4738Herman D. James Hall
Maria Sudeck, Ph.D., Associate Professor 856-256-4500 x3805Herman D. James Hall
Alexis Trusel, M.A., Instructor856-256-4500 x3918James Hall Room
Lisa Vernon-Dotson, Ph.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3880Herman D. James Hall
Nancy A. Vitalone-Raccaro, Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3834Herman D. James Hall
Chanelle Wilson-Poe, Ed.M., Instructor and Teacher Education Recruiter856-256-4500 x3021Herman D. James Hall
Joy F. Xin, Ed.D., Professor and Chairperson856-256-4734Herman D. James Hall
Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education
Stephanie Abraham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3833Herman D. James Hall
Susan Browne, Ed.D., Associate Professor and Chairperson856-256-4500 x3830Herman D. James Hall
Xiufang Chen, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3835Herman D. James Hall
Ruth Cibo, Secretary856-256-4739Herman D. James Hall
Robert Eisberg, M.A., Instructor856-256-5231Herman D. James Hall
Madjiguene Fall, M.Ed., Instructor856-256-5143James Hall
Raymond Foley, Ed.D., Assistant Professor 856-256-4500 x3077 Herman D. James Hall
Kit K. Holder, Ed.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3860Herman D. James Hall
Janet Y. Iles, M.Ed., Instructor856-256-4262Herman D. James Hall
Donna Jackson , Secretary856-256-4746Herman D. James Hall
Valarie G. Lee, Ed.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3090Herman D. James Hall
Marjorie E. Madden, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4772Herman D. James Hall
Kathryn McGinn Luet, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3809Herman D. James Hall
Catherine Michener, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4845Herman D. James Hall
Tracy Sareyka, Instructor856-256-4500 x3831James Hall
Jennifer Shapiro, Clinic Secretary856-256-4769Herman D. James Hall
Sora Suh, Ph.D., Instructor and Program Coordinator856-256-4655Herman D. James Hall
Kenzo Sung, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4841Herman D. James Hall
Daniel Tulino, M.A., Instructor856-256-4798James Hall
Martha Viator, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3092Herman D. James Hall
Holly G. Willett, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4561Herman D. James Hall
Office of Educator Support and Partnerships
Patty Curcio, Placement Coordinator856-256-4765Herman D. James Hall
Laurie Haines, Coordinator of Clinical Experiences and Certification856-256-4726Herman D. James Hall
Gloria J. Hill, Ed.D., Director of the Office of Clinical Experiences856-256-4797Herman D. James Hall
Stacey E. Leftwich, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Office of Educator Support and Partnerships856-256-4500 x3821Herman D. James Hall
Lauren Mohlin, Placement Specialist856-256-4724Herman D. James Hall
Constance Raffa, Placement Assistant856-256-4725Herman D. James Hall
Lisa Wisniewski, Placement Assistant856-256-4770Herman D. James Hall
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Education
Issam H. Abi-El-Mona, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chairperson856-256-4736Herman D. James Hall
Adrian Barnes, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-4500 x3592Herman D. James Hall
Richard Fopeano, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3740Herman D. James Hall
Jane Graziano, Ed.D., Professor856-256-4045Herman D. James Hall
Yu-Chun Kuo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor856-256-5796Herman D. James Hall
Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D., Professor856-256-4500 x3277Herman D. James Hall
Jill Perry, Ph.D., Associate Professor856-256-4500 x3819Herman D. James Hall
Trevor Smith, Ph.D, Assistant Professor856-256-4848Herman D. James Hall
Teressa Stringfield, Secretary856-256-5797Herman D. James
Robert Wieman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 856-256-4500 x3802 Herman D. James Hall
Center for Access, Success, and Equity
Carol Del Duke, Secretary 856-256-4709Herman D. James Hall
Maria Lanza-Gladney, M.S.Ed., CASE Program Manager856-256-4796Herman D. James Hall
Jennifer Murphy, CASE Program Developer856-256-4500 x3851Herman D. James Hall
Shelley Zion, Ph.D., CASE- Executive Director856-256-4709 Herman D. James Hall Room