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College of Education - Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Janeann Bean-Folkes, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Office: Herman D. James Hall 2061

Phone Number: 856-256-4500 x3085


About Janeann Bean-Folkes, Ed.D.

Dr. Bean-Folkes is a faculty member in the Department of Language, Literacy & Special Education, received her M.Ed. and Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Teaching with a concentration in Reading and Language Arts. Dr. Bean-Folkes advises doctoral students and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, including: Teaching Literacy, Phonic & Spelling Instruction, Language Development, Teaching Literacy in the Content Area, Reading Research Seminar, Word Study: Phonics, Spelling, & Vocabulary Instruction, and Selected Topics in Reading. Her research interests involve multilingual classrooms, written academic language, African American Language, sociocultural and sociolinguistic perspectives of education for African American students and other non-dominant language speakers as they learn the academic language in urban settings. She considers herself a researcher/practitioner, working in K-12 classrooms with students, teachers and administrators from diverse backgrounds, in high-poverty areas in NYC, NJ, and across the United States. Dr. Bean-Folkes is actively involved in The National Council of Teacher of English, and the American Educational Research Association.