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Faculty & Staff

Diane Doorman, M.A., Instructor

Office: Herman D. James Hall 3066

Phone Number: 856-256-4500 x3798


About Diane Doorman, M.A.

Diane Doorman received her M.A. from Central Michigan University and her B.A. from Rowan University. Her research interests include brain research on the impact on learning. She currently teaches Differentiated Instruction.

Prior to coordinating the Praxis Lab Professor Doorman voluntarily tutored students for Praxis Core & Praxis II #5001. Over the past 10 years she gathered and developed a variety of learning aids and strategies that help students content understandings. Professor Doorman’s participation in the Praxis lab provides students with an individualized study plan, content resources, tutoring, videos, apps, practice test questions and flashcards to refresh their content knowledge. Students need to commit to studying 1 hour a day, broken into three, 20 minute time segments. They need to consistently use a timer and maintain a notebook as evidence of their full participation. After his/her initial visit? checking into the lab weekly is essential to keep their progress moving forward. Once a mastery level of 80-85% is reached the students take timed an online practice test to confirm his/her knowledge/skill level. Participants are also schooled in test taking strategies to help manage their stress. It takes about 12 weeks to re-learn a content area, because each content section has several sub-test sections. Professor Doorman has been involved with EST, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, and NCLB testing for years as an Evaluator and have kept current with the evolving content requirements.