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College of Education - Office of Field Experiences

Clinical Practice Applications

Applications are now in pdf file format -- If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download here: Adobe Acrobat Reader


1.  Candidate Data Part A
Complete all areas completely. The information will automatically be completed on all other pages on the application. You must provide a complete address under “Residence during clinical practice” as this address will be used to determine your placement site. If you do not yet know your complete address, provide the city and state on the application and notify the Office of Field Experiences of your actual address as soon as possible.  Provide the date of your most recent TB (Mantoux) test. Please be aware that you will need to have another test done if your results are older than six months prior to your Clinical Practice start date. 

2.  Candidate Data Part B
Please complete all sections. If you have not yet received your field experience placement site for you current practicum, please leave that section blank. 

3. Candidate Data Part C

List completed coursework prior to the clinical practice semester. On the left side (Professional Education Courses Completed) are your education courses - TLC 1 & 2, Practicum A, etc.  Please fill in the semester taken (e.g. Fall 2009).  On the right side (Dual Major Courses Completed) you should list the courses in your major if you are Subject Matter. If you are Elementary Education or Early Childhood, list the courses in your dual major. List all courses you will have completed up to the time of clinical practice as if you have completed them. Use actual course names and not course/CRN numbers. Please fill in the semester taken (e.g. Fall 2009). If you are a Post Bac student, on the right side you should enter: Post Bac -- your degree -- where you obtained it and the year. (e.g., Post Bac - Mathematics, B.A., Rutgers Univ. - 1999), and any courses in major you have taken at Rowan since degree was received. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Page 2 of the clinical practice application is provided to the school district.  Please keep this in mind when completing the section regarding your activities, work experiences, etc..

Application Due Date (New Praxis II Policy)

The College of Education considers your clinical practice as the cornerstone of your teacher preparation. This letter is to inform you of our NEW early clinical practice application deadlines as shown below. Please note this change in your application process: you do not need to have your PRAXIS II scores on file when you apply (See your advisor for the PRAXIS II due date). Since the state now requires all sub tests to be passed, you may want to take the test early. Sub tests not passed can be retaken individually.
The staff in the Office of Field Experience in the Student Services Center works very hard on securing your placements in a timely manner. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into every placement. Each district has its own protocol and documentation for us to follow. For example many schools are now requiring a current (within six months) Mantoux (TB) Test.

Applications Accepted
Semester Placement
April 1-30, 2014 Spring 2015
September 1-30, 2014 Fall 2015

We will be adhering to strict application due dates. If you miss the due date and are within one month of the due date, a $100 fee will be assessed to you. If you are beyond the one month overdue time, you will not be allowed to apply for Clinical Practice until the next semester. These deadlines are firm because our timelines are dictated by district protocol. They will refuse late requests. Working within their parameter helps us to maintain healthy relationships with school districts.
Together we will work to ensure you have successful preparation as you soon embark on your teaching career!

Teacher Candidates who will be eligible for Clinical Practice should type and return two (2) copies of each form (do not staple or fold) to the Office of Field Experiences. Applications for Clinical Practice will be available on-line during the specified application periods only. 

NOTE TO BLENDED (COMBINED/EXTENDED) SPECIAL EDUCATION ENDORSEMENT STUDENTS: If you are seeking an endorsement in special education, be sure to complete and submit an application for special education in addition to your major application. (Indicate the semester and year) – If you are in the combined program or your special education clinical practice immediately follows your initial clinical practice, the semester and year will be the same for placement purposes.  If not, please indicate the semester and year that you will need placement.

(Click on the appropriate application) see instructions above.

The Spring 2014 Clinical Practice Application period opens April 1, 2014 and will close April 30, 2014.

*Art & Music Majors use the Subject Matter Application.

It is your responsibility to keep the Office of Field Experiences aware of address and phone number changes at all times. If you are currently enrolled in or have already completed clinical practice and your contact information has changed please contact the Office of Field Experiences at
Due to recent changes in state regulations, school districts may require criminal background checks for students completing field experiences in their districts. Not all districts are currently requiring this. If you are placed in a district that requires a criminal background check prior to the start of clinical practice, you will be notified of the procedure to follow. Once notified, it is your responsibility to comply with the requirements within district identified timeframes. Failure to do so may result in a denial of placement and removal from the corresponding courses.