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College of Education - Office of Field Experiences

Mantoux Test Information

Students who are in a school setting 20 or more hours per month must have a valid Mantoux test. A Mantoux test would be invalid if you have been out of a school setting over six (6) months. A copy of your Mantoux test should be taken with you to any school in which you are placed. A copy of your current Mantoux test must be filed with the student health center.

The Student Health Center located in Linden Hall (256-4333) offers the Mantoux Test on Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is a $10.00 fee. You must return within 48-72 hours to have the results noted by a nurse. If you do not return, your test will not be valid because the time for interpretation cannot be more than 72 hours. You will then have to repeat the test with an additional cost of $10.00.

If you choose not to use the Student Health Center, you may have the Mantoux Test done at your own doctor's office.

Students are responsible for keeping their Mantoux test results up to date. Upon the request of the school, students must provide a copy of a valid Mantoux test to the school to which they are assigned for any and all field placements.