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Senior Aim High Students' Perspectives (Life Lessons)

“I feel that this program has helped broaden my career options and try to get out of my comfort zone and see what else is out there. It gave me a chance to research and study what I like to do and what I am interested in”

“I feel I have grown into a better person intellectually and socially. I learned to trust and work with others. I learned to understand people’s ideas and opinions and try to find a way to make our ideas compatible.”

“This program has helped me increase my self-awareness and become a leader using all of my great personality traits and attributes. Career Development has help me seek the career that will make me happy based on my interests, personality, and values in life”.

“I think that one of the most positive things that came from this program were the college visits. Since I do not have the means to visit a lot of schools, I am very glad to see two schools that I am considering. Second was biology. It is neat to experience college classes.”

“Completing the program made me become more open and comfortable with others. It helped me to prioritize and deal with time management prior to being uncertain when I get to college.”

“I really enjoyed the small groups, because when we were talking about the things that are important in life. I noticed that we applied everything we learned in our classes as well as off campus experiences and we take those encouraging and motivation words from the small groups and it makes us better individuals and friends.”