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College of Education - Professional Development Schools

PDS Network

The PDS Network includes administrators and teachers from all our partner schools, university faculty PDS liaisons, university administrators, and teacher candidates involved in PDSs. At our monthly PDS Council meetings, we focus on topics of current interest to our PDS work, new areas of study/research, and opportunities to share new learning with others, with the goal of supporting one another as we engage in the teaching and learning process.

What is the role of the Rowan PDS liaison?
A Rowan Professional Development liaison is a university faculty member who serves as a Professor in Residence (PIR) at the specific partner school to which he/she is assigned. Regular, on-site visits at least 1-2 days each week occur at their partner P-12 school. Their responsibilities include:

What is the role of the PDS site coordinator?
A Professional Development School site coordinator is a school-based staff member who facilitates PDS activities. Their responsibilities may include:

How do teacher candidates benefit from a PDS field experience?
A placement at a Professional Development School assures teacher candidates will