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College of Education - Department of Health and Exercise Science

Common Questions and Answers

Transfer Credit Program Criteria for Credential Evaluation:
For the Major of Health Promotion & Fitness Management; Athletic Training; Teacher Certification in Health and Exercise Science.

What is the maximum number of transfer credits acceptable? (The residency requirement for a Rowan degree is 30 credits; at least 15 credits in the major.)
Total transfer credits allowed from 4 and two year colleges combined: 70 S.H.

Do you accept credits from non-accredited or Nationally accredited institutions? (Generally, Rowan recognizes regional accreditation) Limitations?
National Accreditation is accepted based on general policy adopted by Rowan University.

What is the maximum number Major Specific course credits or semester hours accepted toward the overall programs? (i.e. If a Philosophy Major, how many Philosophy courses/credits are accepted in a Philosophy degree? How many in the Gen Ed area; how many in the professional area?

Related electives
Core electives
Restricted elective

What is the maximum AGE of external transfer credits accepted toward your program?

Are "D" grades accepted in major course work?

If your program does not permit D grades, are there exceptions?
Quarter Systems, such as that of Drexel University require extended course sequences. (i.e. Comp I (2cr) (D), Comp II (D) (2cr) AND Comp III (2cr) (A), equal our College Comp I and II. Would a FINAL grade of "C" or better in a sequence, requiring the "D" course as a prerequisite, allow the sequence to transfer?
Based on University policy with respect to General Ed classes only.

Are P/NC grades accepted in major course work?

In non-major courses?
No. However, the Health & Exercise Science Department does not offer classes with that option.

Are professional courses transferable from Professionally Accredited Institutions (i.e. National Recreation and Park Association, NCATE, or American Physical Therapy Association?

What is the total number of credits required for graduation?

How many credits in the major must be completed at Rowan to graduate?

What courses, grades, and GPA are needed before applying to your major?

What GPA must be maintained to remain in the major?
Consistent with Financial Aid academic progression (GPA: 1.6; 1.7; 1.8; 1.9 etc.)

If transcripts show the transferring 4 year institution has Professional Accreditation in your area (i.e. NCATEAASCSB, ABET, Education, etc.), and has awarded professional credit for completion of community college courses toward the major area professional course(s), will you?
No. All professional level courses must be taken at Rowan University.

Do you permit 3 credit lab science courses to fulfill the General Education Laboratory requirement?

What are my options and requirements for Practicum and Clinical Practice site approval?
Students are encouraged to carefully select a site based on having secured some means of transportation. The travel distance may be in the range of 5 to 40 miles from Rowan University. The Field Experience Placement Policy is an operational policy for the Office of Field Experience not to place students for upper divisional field experiences where they:

  1. attended high school or elementary school
  2. have children attending
  3. have relatives employed
  4. substituted or coached (extensively)
  5. have been  or presently employed
  6. are members of the Board of Education or related to a board member

Upper divisional field experiences include, but are not limited to , Clinical Practice, Practicum, Curriculum and Instruction Elementary/Secondary Health and Physical Education. Exception to the policy will be based on case-by-case in consultation with the Office of Field Experience and the pertinent department.

Where can I find information on graduate schools?
Mr. Pinckney and the Department of Health and Exercise Science maintains a  file of Graduate School Catalogs on a variety of Health-Related fields that students are welcome to use. The Graduate Office, located in Memorial Hall can, also, assist you in your search for a suitable graduate school. The internet and Career and Academic Placement Center CAP) are, also, good resources.

Where can I find information on Jobs?
The HES web page contains a “Job Opportunities” section that is frequently updated with part and full – time professional positions. Professional State, Regional and National Conferences are good resources and frequently employers come to Rowan University for Education Job Fairs! Your Local Newspaper consistently highlights weekly prospective jobs in the Education Profession.

Can I take courses at other colleges to satisfy requirements?
Students may transfer any General Education course as long as they meet the required equivalent established by the Health and Exercise Science Department at Rowan University.

Can I get my Driver Education Certification at Rowan?
Yes, students can take a (3) credit class in Teaching Concepts of Driver’s Education at Rowan. The State Board of Licensure will allow Rowan University to recommend students for Licensure after successful completion the class.

Can students who complete their four year degree outside of Teacher Education get certified to teach Health and Physical Education?
Yes, the current program which would emphasize the Certificate in order to teach in the State of New Jersey is called the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program in Health and Physical Education.

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