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College of Education - B.S. Athletic Training

Admission Requirements

The Rowan University Athletic Training Program (RUATP) is divided into the Pre-Professional Phase and Professional Phase. Upon entering Rowan University, students are automatically enrolled in the Pre-Professional Phase. A secondary application process is in place for those students seeking acceptance into the Athletic Training Program’s (ATP) Professional Phase. Application to the Professional Phase occurs once per academic year; either in the spring semester of the Pre-Professional student’s sophomore year, or spring semester of the transfer student’s first year depending upon completion of all prerequisite coursework and application materials.

Application Process Pre-requisites
The following criteria must be met before a candidate is eligible to apply to the Athletic Training Program’s Professional Phase. No student may begin the Professional Phase application process if they do not meet ALL application prerequisite criteria.

1. Completion of the following coursework**:

**During the application process students may be currently enrolled in pre-requisite classes. All pre-requisite classes need to be completed prior to beginning PHED35.338 Clinical Techniques in Athletic Training I and PHED35.358 Residency in Athletic Training I.

2. Grade Point Averages

3. No grade lower than a C in the Athletic Training Major – Pre-Professional Phase courses include:

No student may apply to the curriculum’s professional phase until all academic deficiencies are corrected. If a student is accepted into the professional phase but receives a grade lower than a C in the application period semester’s classes (i.e., Pathology & Evaluation of Orthopedic Injuries II), that person will be withdrawn from the professional phase of the ATP. Likewise, a student with a grade lower than a “C” in any athletic training major course cannot apply until the academic deficiency has been resolved. Just being enrolled in a class to correct an academic deficiency does not constitute correcting said academic deficiency. Consequently, the person will not be allowed to apply to the Professional Phase until the academic issue is completely resolved.

4. No grade lower than a C- in any non-Athletic Training major class, including General Education courses

5. Completion of all on-campus directed observational assignments.

6. A cumulative average grade of at least 3.0 out of 4.0 on Pre-Professional clinical evaluations.

7. Current CPR card and First Aid Certification (certification must be at least Adult CPR at the community level and First Aid can be either Basic, Standard, or higher). Please note that students will receive these certifications through Rowan Course-work their freshmen and sophomore years.

8. Guest Speaker Attendance and Mandatory Meetings. The student must attend all guest speaker presentations and mandatory meetings. Pre-Professional students absent from any guest speaker presentations must provide a written letter to the program director giving a rationale for the absence. The program director will sign acceptable or not acceptable absence on the letter. Two non-acceptable absences in one semester will make the Pre-Professional student ineligible to apply to the Professional Phase of the program (Criteria for acceptable absences is published in Athletic Training Student Policy & Procedure Manual and on syllabi where guest speaker attendance is part of the course grade.

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Professional Phase Application Process
Please be advised that a student must meet all pre-requisite requirements before they are able to apply to the ATP’s professional phase.

1. Written Application. An application packet will be given to each student in the spring of the year they are applying to the Professional Phase of the ATP. The student must complete all components by the deadline appointed by the Program Director before the student is considered for acceptance into the Professional Phase. Late applications will not be accepted. Components of the written application included within the packet are as follows:

*Please note these are filled out in the Pre-Professional and redone during the Professional Phase application process.

2. Proficiency Examination. Students are required to take a Proficiency (oral and practical in nature) that is based on required athletic training coursework taken up to the application process period (Please see Pre-requisite Athletic Training Course Work Section). An athletic training student must receive a score of at least 75% on this Proficiency examination in order to continue with the application process and/or be accepted into the Professional Phase of the program. Students may only take this examination one time. Remember: The application process occurs only once per academic year and during the spring semester.

3. Interview.  Each student will complete an interview with the selection committee. A score of at least 70% is needed to be eligible for entry into the Professional Phase of the program. The grading criteria for the interview are as follows:

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Final Acceptance Criteria
The RUATP’s maximum capacity is 20 students for junior level admission; however the actual number is based on the number of clinical assignments available during a given year. It usually ranges between 16-20 students. Students are rank ordered and the highest rated students are accepted into the Professional Phase of the ATP. It is possible that a student may minimally achieve all academic and clinical observation requirements but does not fall within the available clinical assignment slots for the next academic year. If this occurs the student cannot be accepted into the Professional Phase component of the program. For example, if there are 16 clinical assignment slots available and a student is ranked 17th, even though they meet all application requirements, this 17th person cannot be accepted into the ATP’s Professional Phase. Doing so would make us non-compliant with CAATE because we would exceed the 8:1 ratio mandated by this accrediting agency. The score for rank ordering is calculated as follows:

Application Calculation Sheet

Overall GPA- 40 points
4.0=40 pts.     3.0=30 pts.     2.0=20 pts      1.0=10 pts      <1.0=0 pts
Applicant Subsection total ________________

Pre-Professional Phase Athletic Training Major GPA – 40 points
4.0=40 pts.     3.0=30 pts.     2.0=20 pts      1.0=10 pts      <1.0=0 pts
Applicant Subsection total ________________

Proficiency Examination (Written + Practical average) - 40 points
100%=40 pts.     90%=30 pts.         80%=20 pts.  70%=10 pts   <70%=0 pts
Applicant Subsection total ________________

Clinical Observation Packet Grade Mean – 30 points
100%=30 pts       90%= 20 pts.         80%= 10 pts.           71%= 1 pt      <70%= 0 pts
Applicant Subsection total ________________

 ● Interview-10 points  
100%=10 pts    90%=9 pts      80%=8 pts             70%=7 pts                 <70%=0 pts
Applicant Subsection total ________________

Applicant’s Total for Acceptance into the ATP ____________________/160
All scores are converted to a percentage based on 100% and the average score is taken.

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