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College of Education - B.S. Athletic Training

Athletic Training Education Program’s Exit (Graduation) Requirements

1. Successful Completion of All Clinical Assignments. Students will gain clinical experiences with a variety of diverse populations including genders, non-sport patient populations, sports using different protective equipment (i.e., helmets and shoulder pads), and medical (non-orthopedic) conditions over a minimum of two academic years from entering the Professional Phase of the Athletic Training Program (ATP). Students must pass all clinical proficiency and affective evaluations provided by the student’s respective Preceptor (Clinical Instructor) before being eligible to graduate. The clinical education grade is recorded within the classes Residency in Athletic Training I-IV grade in each respective semester over the two year course sequence.

2. Successful Completion of all ATP’s coursework. Since coursework is structured around the NATA Competencies and Clinical Proficiencies, successful completion of coursework indicates successful completion and Proficiency of these academic requirements. The student can receive no grade lower than a C in any athletic training major coursework and no grade lower than a C- in any other class (including General Education courses). In instances where students do not receive the minimum grade, the course(s) must be repeated before the student able to continue matriculating through the Program.

3. Successful Completion of Senior Exit Examination. Students must receive a 75% or higher on both the written and the practical portions to be able to be endorsed to sit for the BOC exam. These exams are part of the Clinical Techniques in Athletic Training IV grade.

4. GPA’s needed for graduation. Below are the minimum GPA’s needed to graduate from the ATP and Rowan University.
• 2.50 = Overall GPA
• 3.00 = Athletic Training Major