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Partnership for School Success


Current Projects

The Partnership for School Success is an initiative of the College of Education that works to promote better education and training in schools throughout southern New Jersey. Select College of Education faculty work in collaboration with school districts to provide staff training, curriculum planning, and other services that the schools request.

Currently, there are fourteen projects in various stages of development. Two projects that have been under way for some time are in the Franklin Township public schools and at Mainland Regional High School. In Franklin Township Patti Sikes of the Department of Language, Literacy, and Special Education is working with district staff on a flexible grouping project. Patti leads a workshop, each month, on different aspects of flexible grouping and then follows up with several days of observing and collaborating with participating teachers. Emphasis has been on the use of 21st Century Skills of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity.

At Mainland, Diane Doorman and Mary Cormier of the Department of Language, Literacy and Special Education have been working with staff who are assigned to the school transition program for students with behavioral difficulties. The Rowan faculty have worked with teachers from Mainland to develop on a set of rules and regulations along with criteria for admittance to the TAPS Program. Now they will observe teachers who are putting the rules into practice in their classrooms. Following the observations, Diane and Mary will present an in-service presentation on Functional Behavior Supports and ABC analysis. They are teaching the staff how to collect accurate data and then apply the data to develop a positive behavior support program for classrooms and individual students.

Other projects that are under way include training on the use of the SmartBoard conducted by Shawna BuShell of the Teacher Education Department at West Cape May School District and curriculum re-design being led by Martha Viator, also of the Teacher Education Department. In addition, a summer literacy workshop is being prepared by Susan Browne and several colleagues in the Department of Language, Literacy, and Special Education to meet the needs of several school districts who have requested instruction on the core content standards and related topics.

Project Title: Flexible Grouping Project 

School Partner: Franklin Township Schools 

Rowan Faculty/Department: Patti Sikes/ Language, Literacy, and Special Education

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Description and Goals of Project:

Major Activities:

We cannot accept any additional requests for Partnership projects this academic year. Please check back in September, 2015 if you are interested in proposing a Partnership project.