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College of Education - Graduate Endorsement: Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Graduate Certification Program: Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I do if I want to have Special Education certification?
You have two options:  apply for Post-Bac program (undergraduate), or
Graduate Endorsement program (graduate).

2. If I apply for the Graduate Endorsement program, what are the admission
You have to:

3. How do I apply for the Graduate Endorsement Program?
You can contact the Graduate School (856-256-4050) to request an application
package or apply online at their home page (

4. What courses should I start to take?
You are required to take courses following the program sequence.  All courses are
offered in evenings, some are scheduled in Fall, Spring, and others are in

5. Do I need field experience?
Yes, each course requires a certain amount of field practice to complete some
assignments.  Each course instructor will discuss this issue in class.

6. What is Clinical Experience?
It is full time student teaching in a classroom for students with disabilities (self-contained or resource room) for two months.  You can arrange it in your own employment site.  During the two months you will be observed 4 times by both the college supervisor and your mentoring teacher (a mentoring Special Education teacher in your school).  It is your responsibility to find your mentoring teacher and schedule the observation time with your supervisor.

7. If I am not employed, can I do my clinical practice?
Yes, you will be placed by our college‚Äôs Office of Field Experiences.  You need to contact them to complete paper work ahead of your registration of the course.

8. What is the process of applying for the MA in Special Education?
The certification program is part of the MA program.  If you want to continue to study towards the degree, you need to contact the graduate school to complete the information form in the application together with a request letter to indicate your application.  You are also required to provide your GRE scores if your GPA is lower than 3.6.

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