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College of Education - Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies Program

Liberal Studies with a Specialization in Literacy Studies

Xiufang Chen, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator
(856) 256-4500, ext. 3835

The specialization offers Elementary and Early Childhood Education majors a dual major with a strong literacy and liberal studies focus. The major provides teacher candidates with a broad knowledge-base that spans Core Curriculum Standards and makes them eligible for the Teacher of Reading Endorsement in New Jersey.
This new specialization combines courses from the Reading and Writing Arts programs with English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and Social Studies courses. Teacher candidates will acquire a strong knowledge base in English, Writing Arts and Reading. Courses in English and Writing Arts provide candidates with critical understandings about reading and interpreting texts as well as composing well-crafted writing in multiple genres. Teacher candidates gain knowledge about the reading process and understanding of how this complex process is taught to children. The emphasis on literacy will cultivate excellent literacy teachers able to  (1) understand how literacy develops in children, (2) assess progress and relate instruction to previous experience (3) use variety of methods to teach literacy, (4) provide a range of materials and texts for children to read and (5) tailor instruction to individual students.

Program Guides:

Early Childhood Education-Literacy Studies Program Guide Fall 2014

Elementary Education-Literacy Studies Program Guide Fall 2014

Objectives specific to the major are to: