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College of Education - M.A. in Special Education

M.A. in Special Education

Joy Xin, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator
(856) 256-4734

Gina Gondos, M.Ed.
Program Advisor
(856) 256-4792

This advanced program is designed for individuals who possess an instructional certificate and want to pursue a master’s degree in Special Education. The purpose of the program is to provide advanced studies focusing on educational, psychological and sociological needs of the children and youth with disabilities. The course work and related field experiences are designed for foster an understanding of students with special needs, combined with pedagogical skills to accommodate these needs and provide appropriate curriculum modifications when necessary. Upon completing the program, candidates earn a Master of Arts in Special Education.

For more information about admission requirements please visit Global Learning and Partnerships of Rowan University.

This program is also offered online in an accelerated format through Global Learning and Partnerships of Rowan University. Please click HERE for more information.

For Financial Aid Information click here.