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College of Education - M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

Maria Sudeck, Ph.D.
Program Advisor
(856) 256-4500 x3805

Gina Gondos
Academic Advisor for the Online Program
(856) 256-4792

Program Description
The Master of Education degree program has three goals:

  1. To develop teacher leaders who practice teaching skills aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)'s Five Core Propositions
  2. To develop teacher expertise in a content area of choice
  3. To empower teachers to assume leadership  roles within their schools and districts

The M.Ed. program is designed for teachers who desire to develop and hone their leadership skills and who wish to remain in the classroom. The program approaches leadership from the perspectives of exemplary teaching, continuous learning for all, a need to balance change with stability and the importance of peaceful existence in a diverse community of learners. To that end, teachers will enhance their abilities to lead not only in their classrooms, but also in the school at large by working with curriculum, becoming mentor/master teachers, developing new programs, and through a variety of other activities that improve schooling for all children.

There are 3 main components of the M.Ed. program:  (2 course components and a Program Exit)

  1. The Core COGS classes (These are 18 credits/6 classes that on their own make up the Certificate of Graduate Study/COGS in Teaching and Learning). M.Ed. core courses require/include field experiences.
  2. The Content COGS classes (These are usually  15-21 credits/5-6  classes that on their own make up a Certificate of Graduate Study/COGS in a particular subject area).

    1. Note: Currently there are three Content COGS available:

      • Educational Technology
      • Special Education
      • English as a Second Language

    2. The following additional Content COGS may be available to the student (depending upon the student’s academic background and point of entry). Please contact the M.Ed. Advisor for details.

      • Middle School Mathematics
      • Middle School Science
      • Reading/Writing Literacy
      • Secondary School Mathematics
      • History

  3. The Program Exit (This is a not a thesis, but an important final project that includes a Professional Synthesis Portfolio and a Teacher Leadership Presentation).

The M.Ed. also has a field work component. 

Guiding Principles
The following five core propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and three additional principles identified by College of Education faculty provide the focus for the master’s program in Standards-Based Practice:

NBPTS Propositions

Rowan Program Principles

This program is only offered online through the Global Learning and Partnerships of Rowan University. Please click HERE for more information.


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