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College of Education - Minor in Education

Minor in Education (M805)

Alexandria Daniels, M.A.
Program Advisor

There are 4 general audiences for the Minor in Education:

  1. Students who see having some Education courses as a benefit to their future professional goals (The Health Care industry and other corporate entities offer many opportunities for people to be engaged in educational work, but these environments do not require that one be a certified teacher);
  2. Students who are currently Education majors but who do not wish to continue the program after the sophomore-level courses; and  
  3. Students who are currently Education majors but who, for a variety of reasons, do not meet Junior-level benchmarks required to move forward in the program.

How to become a Teacher Certification Candidate at Rowan

In each of these cases, those who complete the Minor in Education will have recognition on their transcripts for the completion of this coursework. The Minor in Education in and of itself does not qualify one for certification. Completion of the minor does not guarantee admission to the major.

To Apply: 

Schedule an appointment with the Program Advisors: or 856.256.4420, and complete the application.