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College of Education - Subject-Matter Education (K-12) B.A. in Education

B.A. in Education-Subject Matter (P-12)

Cristine Mason
Program Advisor for Art, Music, Math, and Science
Herman D. James Hall
(856) 256-5836

Sheri K. Rodriguez
Program Advisor for History
Herman D. James Hall
(856) 256-4759

Nadia Rahin
Program Advisor for English and Foreign Language (Spanish)
Herman D. James Hall
(856) 256-4664

B.A. in Education

Specialization: P-12 Subject-Matter Education

P-12 Subject-Matter Education Program Guide Fall 2015

P-12 Subject-Matter Education Program Guide (Art and Music) Spring 2014

Archive of Previous Program Guides

Certification-Eligible Dual Majors:

Praxis Information

Prior to June 2014, candidates must have passed Praxis I. Subsequent to June 2014, candidates must have passed Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test. Partial scores for Praxis I will no longer count, and candidates who have not passed all three parts of Praxis I will need to start over with the Core Test (which consists of three parts): Reading Test (Test Code 5712): Passing Score =156; Writing Test (Test Code 5722): Passing Score =162; Math Test (Test Code 5732): Passing Score =150 . The combined test code is 5751.

Passing Praxis II scores must be submitted with a student’s Clinical Practice Application. For information on passing scores go to PRAXIS.