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College of Education - Student Organizations

Student Organizations

College of Education's Student Advisory Council (COESAC)
The College of Education Student Advisory Council student leadership group was launched in the Fall 2015 semester. This new group represents students in both COE graduate and undergraduate programs. COESAC strives to build a community that values learning and diversity. It provides students with opportunities to achieve their full potential. The Student Advisory Council features current student organizations and is currently recruiting COE students to represent their programs and/or departments.
Advisor: Dr. Saadeddine (

Below is a list of the student organizations in the College of Education:

This organization is designed to accelerate pre-service educators and student teachers' professional development and their self-identification as education professionals and leaders. Membership in the ASCD student chapter helps students learn how to and where they might fit into their first jobs as they transition into a career in education.
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Quinesso (
Visit ASCD Student Chapter's Facebook here.

Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society for professional counseling. Rowan University's chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, Zeta Pi, plans and hosts events for social gatherings, community outreach, and professional development initiatives. Zeta Pi also has many social media outlets to promote professional counseling events, job opportunities and alumni connections. The chapter also has a mentoring program to build connections between the students. All in all, Zeta Pi brings a sense of community for the Counseling in Educational Settings program through educational programming, community service, and social events!
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ieva (

The mission of the Elementary Education Club is to engage future teachers through hands-on activities, events, and speakers. The speakers who join us give insight into the field of elementary education from multiple points of view, allowing members to learn new ideas and ask questions of those they might not typically have access to. Members participate in a variety of service activities that focus on interacting with elementary-aged children. While this club is most closely aligned with Elementary Education, we are happy to have candidates from across the College who are interested in our focus and want to be involved.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rich (

The HES club is a group of Health and Exercise Science Students who gain personal and professional development by working together to interact and have fun through activities/events that allow us to get to know other people in our major. This club also facilitates workshops to expand and further our education. We attend conventions, conferences, and workshops as a group, such as the NJAHPERD annual convention. We also plan and conduct events to get the university active and involved, which include climbing nights, tournaments and Hoops for Heart. The HES club works together to better our community and help raise money for important organizations such as the American Heart Association.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Rattigan ( and Dr. McCall (

Rowan’s Eta Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society of Education, aids in molding top educators by providing members with teaching experience, professional development, and fundraising opportunities for various charities. This honor society gives current and future teachers a chance to make a difference in their community while enhancing their own skills for the classroom. Membership is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members, and other professional educators who meet the chapter's requirements, including high academic standards (GPA or advanced degree) and/or demonstrated service.
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Viator ( and Dr. Meredith (

The Students for Literacy Club is a student organization founded in Spring 2000. The mission of this organization is to educate the university and community about issues involving literacy education. Club members participate in a variety of service projects as well as organize programs to enlighten people about the importance of literacy awareness. The purpose of this organization is twofold: (a) to serve as an extension of the reading certification program and (b) to participate as a member of the International Reading Association.
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Iles ( and Mr. Eisberg (