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College of Engineering

Your First Jr/Sr Clinic Could Change Your Life

March 7, 2011

Everyone knows the Engineering Clinic experience is the main draw to get students to come to Rowan University. To be able to get real hands- on experience with some companies to give Rowan students the edge. The first clinic you choose has the potential to define part of the next two years of your life. What I mean by this is either you can work on the same or similar projects throughout the two years, or one project can just lead to the next.

When I first sat down for the Jr/Sr Clinic Project selection process I had no idea what project that I wanted to be on. I sat through all of the presentations, thinking that this or that would cool, difficult, fun, challenging, or any combination of those. I ended up choosing the FIRST Lego project which is more of an outreach project to help kids get interested in engineering. Throughout working with that project my professor asked me if I had any plans over winter break. I didn’t have any plans over break, so he offered myself and one other student a job to with a University of Delaware professor. We completed a design project in two weeks, and when spring came along our clinic project was with the professor from Rowan and the professor from University of Delaware. We worked hard on the project, but was unable to finish it. This led to the best summer of my life. We moved down the University of Delaware for the summer to complete the project, and had a great time and learned a lot. This past fall we completed another project for the same professor for a special project in one of our classes.

During the summer we submitted abstracts for the report to some different organizations and we were able to go to Toronto in October and Long Beach California over this past Winter Break. If it wasn’t for me choosing to work on the FIRST Lego project in the fall of my junior year, I would not have the greatest summer of my life or been able to travel to California, so you never know what can happen with that first clinic choice when it comes time.

Brandon Getsinger

Conferences Conferences Conferences

February 20, 2011

Who likes to go on a free vacation?…I know I do.

Throughout college you may be prompted to go on many different conferences. You may think that most conferences may be boring or too educational, but 90 percent of the conferences that I have been to have been in places that you would actually want to vacation to. I mean sure you won’t be able to do exactly what you want all the time during the conference, but some of the required activities you have to do are very interesting. Another plus there are normally some activities that are required or optional that are just fun and allow you to see some fun parts of the town.

I very recently got back from a Tau Beta Pi conference in Binghamton and it was one of the most fun weekends of my semester so far. One reason is because you get a chance to just meet new people and learn about other engineering colleges, and the other reason is we got to experience the Binghamton nightlife.

The more important conference that I wanted to talk about though is the one I attended over winter break. Through doing research at the University of Delaware I was able to present my work at a conference in Long Beach, California. Now this was a 5 day conference in January, and the only thing that I had to pay for was food. I think anyone would take a 5 day vacation to warm and sunny California to escape the January Jersey weather. I had to present my research 4 out of the five days that I was there and all that entailed was standing in front of my poster for about an hour each day. The rest of the time I was free to attend talks, or enjoy the 80 degree weather. A couple of us went into Hollywood one night and saw Tim Allen do stand up. I don’t think a conference could have been any better. While many of my classmates were freezing and complaining about the cold I was sitting next to the hotels rooftop pool relaxing before the semester started.

The reason I tell you about this story is to try to get involved with different clubs or research, just because 90% of the time you will be able to go somewhere fun and exciting. Take all of the opportunities presented to you and you will never know where you end up. You may end up in Sunny California like me or maybe travel to Europe and beyond …most of the time for free.

Brandon Getsinger

Engineering the Perfect Snow Day

January 28, 2011

In lieu of the recent snowstorm, you should know how to spend good snow days. In order to make your snow successful, here are some helpful hints to make them the best that they can be. The first thing about engineering a perfect snow day would be to track snowstorms online so you know when the school- cancelling snowstorms will be. This is important so when you know that perfect storm is coming you can put off that homework for another night and go relax and hangout with some friends, since you know there are going to be no classes tomorrow. Then when you finally get that morning call/text/call/text/email from Rowan between 5:30 and 6:00 am you can go back to sleep and be ready to wake up for that awesome snow day. Now you think being in college you should have grown out of snow day fun, but college is where the fun begins.

First thing about college snow days that are better than high school snow days is the fact that you don’t have to shovel a thing. You just use all your energy having fun. Speaking of fun I’ve had some of the best snowball fights ever near the freshmen dorms. You and 15 of your friends are having a snowball fight amongst yourselves when another group of about 20 kids show up for the snowball showdown. So now you’re having about a 20 vs 20 person snowball which is pretty awesome in itself when a third smaller group tries to take charge in this battle. You can shut them down right away and return to the bigger battle at hand. After that is done you can go relax inside, bu why would you do that on a snow day? You should bring out the engineer in you and start to build things out of snow. You can build your basic snowman or snowball fort, but let’s be real that does not take much engineering talent. You can show off your skills by making some sort of snow sculpture. But if you really want to show of your engineering ability that’s when you decide to build an igloo.

Igloo’s are pretty difficult to build, but once you build it, it can last for weeks after the snowstorm and can turn into a nice little hangout. You can showcase your igloo like a trophy and everyone will be impressed, and as long as you build it with good friends the struggle will be worth it.

To recap here are the keys for a successful snow day:

Know when the snow is coming.

Go out and relive your childhood by having a snowball fight/go sledding

Build something out of snow

Build an igloo to make the fun of snow last as long as possible

Enjoy the day with good friends and good company

Brandon Getsinger

Homesick when you’re away from Rowan

November 12, 2010

As many big holidays are coming and going one may begin to feel homesick, since it may be the first time away from home for the holidays, or at least the build-up to them. The key to not getting homesick while at Rowan is simple.

Embrace Rowan as your new home.

College is supposed to be the transition from your home world into real life, so college is your home for the next couple of years. By referring to Rowan as your new home, you will be able to feel more comfortable here, and never really feel homesick. In order to make Rowan your home you have to create your Rowan “family”. This “family” may consist of your roommates, friends, classmates, etc. and can pretty much make or break your Rowan experience. I have known many people that ended up transferring because they did not create their “family.”

Creating a “family” is easy, and once its created you can have fun events like a Thanksgiving dinner before everyone goes home before Thanksgiving. You can also decorate your dorm, apartment, or house for Christmas or any other holiday. You will grow into a new person and before you know it you won’t get homesick at Rowan you will be homesick when you’re away.

Brandon Getsinger

Get to Know your Professors

October 14, 2010

One reason that you probably chose Rowan is due to the small class sizes. The main reason that you would want small class sizes is so you can get to know your professors, so if you do, it will pay off in more ways than one. Rowan Engineering gives you the advantage of having each of your professors more than once so you can really get to know them pretty well. Getting to know them in one class is a great start to getting to know your professor, but you should definitely get to know them outside of the classroom. The three top benefits of getting to know your professors are:

1. They can give you a summer job, either by having you do some research for their studies or finding you an internship for the summer

2. When scholarship opportunities come across their desk (and professors do get quite a bit of these) and they have to recommend someone for it there is a high probability that you will come across their mind

3. When career or graduate school opportunities need a recommendation, they will be able to give you a grand recommendation.

All in all, you should really get to know the people who decided to stand up and impress their knowledge upon you for their career, you will most likely find out that they are actually pretty cool.

Brandon Getsinger

The College of Engineering has its Advantages

September 24, 2010

Even though a lot of people may say that being an engineering major means that you will have a lot of work, and you will have a lot of work, the college of engineering is probably the best college to be in. There are so many advantages being an engineering student.

We rarely have to worry about getting into the classes that we want to be in, due to the fact that there is normally one section of each class that we need and they are designed so that we can all take it. Also the college will send many offers for jobs and internships throughout your time at Rowan.

There are also many fun engineering events like the annual Pumpkin Chunkin on the Rowan Green. There is no where else you can go on campus to build something that can chuck pumpkins through the air.

All I am saying is as an engineering student at Rowan you get to enjoy everything that other Rowan students do, plus more. Take advantage that everything the engineering college has to offer, because I believe we do get special treatment.

Brandon Getsinger

There’s so much to do and so little time…

September 17, 2010

People will go to college for many reasons. Most people will come for a degree or to learn something new, some people will come to make friends and have life changing experiences, and some may come to party for a year or so. Who says you can only have one reason to be in college? Why am I in college? I want to get the most out of this experience

There’s so much to do and so little time…

I would definitely say that I live by that statement, because I want to be able to have the most fun and have the most amazing time of my life here at Rowan, all the while still earning the degree in 4 years, which is the most important reason to go to college. The key to being able to have the most fun in college is time management. I can honestly say so far in my college career I never had to say “I can’t go out because I have homework or this paper due tomorrow,” and I have always turned my assignments in on time.

The way I do it is pretty simple if I have work to do I get it done as soon as possible after its assigned. Sometimes that even includes during the lecture period of the class that it’s assigned. There are some key reasons why I decide to manage my time in this fashion:

1. You will always have your work done on time.

2. Say you are doing homework that is due in a week, but then your roommates ask if you want to go play football. You can go play football, because your homework isn’t due for a week, and you already have some of it done.

3. It breaks up the monotony of the work, since you started the work, and then went to go play football, now it could be mostly done.

4. You can plan out weekend trips to different places since most likely your work that’s due early next week will probably be done.

5. You can relax during finals week, because you don’t actually have that much to do.

6. You won’t have to pull “all-nighters”.

Now I’m not saying to work constantly, because that would just be ridiculously hard to do. But you know when most fun things on campus will happen(nights and weekends). So during the school day when you don’t have class, but most of your friends do, try to get some work done. It will definitely pay off in the long run.

These guidelines may help you to be able to do a lot in that very short period of time that you have in college.

Brandon Getsinger

Don’t worry, you will have a life.

September 3, 2010

First I would like to welcome all incoming freshmen to Rowan and the College of Engineering. You have chosen a great place to spend the next four years of your life. I would also like to welcome back all of the upperclassmen and hope you had as an exciting a summer as I had.
Now I want to clear up the stereotype that says being an engineer means you will have no life. There are plenty of engineers who are involved in all sorts of organizations, clubs, and activities both inside and outside of school. Your college life will be what you make it, so don’t be afraid to ask myself or any other upperclassmen how/where to get involved. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or just check back here to find out some interesting stories that may help you get through your college career.

Brandon Getsinger